Gelareh Nasrollahpour

Gelareh Nasrollahpour born in 1975 in Tehran and continues her postgraduate studies in French Translation at the Azad University of Tehran.

She changed her life 17 years ago under the influence of the book of the law of empowerment and left Iran to gain more experience. Over the years, it has become possible to realize its dream of designing jewellery. She took her first professional career at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and showed her work at the Stardust botique. During her 10 years of activity, Gelareh Nasrollahpour has had a great reputation and success, the most important of which are the following: In 2011, her company (CRM BY CLARA) was one of the sponsors of the thirty-fifth “The Best” Awards, with 10 wings of jewellery designed by her, with 10 nominated female celebrities (including the Queen of Indonesia , Ivana Tramp, etc.). In 2013, the bracelet designed by her at a grand charity auction with Prince Albert was sold as the most valuable piece of the collection. In the very same years, after getting acquainted with Mary Morrissey, the writer of the book ‘Building your field of dreams”, a great transformation has emerged in her insight and awareness. She changed her company name to G.G.GELAREH Glory of God by Gelareh after taking part in the dream buildings courses. Properties, beauty and path of rocks transformed her into imagination and design in ther field. By relying on insights and more on each day, becoming closer to her real self, She was able to create her own dreams in the field of jewellery designing. More than ever. It was'nt enough for Gelareh Nasrollahpour to achieving her goals and is now struggling to present her work more than ever. Her beautiful and amazing collection of 2018 is built by Mrs. "Goli Pol Wande" , the best Iranian masterful jeweller designer and builder. Currently, her collection of 2019 is being built by "Wayan Sutedjia", the founder and owner of the Neka Art Museum. She will also expand her art sales in the most important fashion cities in the world, including Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, and so on.


Turquoise is a valuable and inexpensive mineral stone. The manifestation of peace, tranquility and the oldest rocks of the world, whose reputation dates back to the first centuries.

But perhaps because of the difference in price or its brightness, in comparison with other stones, the particularity of the turquoise is less noticed. Therefore, the artist in her collection refers to the characteristic feature of turqouise which is the unique appearance and characterization of the stone. The drawings chosen for her large collection of pieces showing each piece are trying to focus on her subject, and it is self evident that the lines on each film reveal a different story from one path and a separate life. In the meantime, the artist is listening to turqouises and then narrates the story through lines of stone. The story of the jeweler "Goli Pol Wande". Along with these huge images, we see the Gelareh Nasrollahpour turquoises in real dimensions, and the angels with the brilliant wings that took them. It seems as if a supporting force inside the stone has come out of its realm and has become a goddess in order to emphasize its meaning and properties. But in these works, neither the turquoise nor the diamond angel, none of them serve to magnify each other. The artist, beyond the material values of today and without judging about the elements, creates an effect that its components not only do not overcome one another, but also come from being together and unity, to perfection and beauty. Therefore, the present collection must be viewed with a look More than aesthetic design of jewellery. She is an artist who uses jewellery to remind and protect the most precious issue of the world today; Peace. Gelareh Nasrollahpour is perhaps one of the few who could take a step in the way of celebrating a part of the beauty of the world. She believes in the achievement of her dream owing to the great alchemy Mary Morrisey. From this point of view, the purchasers of her collection offers a semester of her classes (Dream Building) with the purchase of the effect. A valuable gift to help realize the dream of a human being and turn it into a pure gem. In the hope of brightening the sound of peace in the world. HELIA HEYAAT – Fall 2017


My scarlet fish
In the Azure pool
Which passes through the margin of your skirt
And joins the ocean
You stand on the rock
And the gem you took
Falling for the fishes
then I became Ruby
To be your earrings
And pearl, to stand on the neck
poet: Gity Khoshdel